Wednesday, July 17, 2013

City Lovin - Phoenix Top Spots

Something rather interesting happened this past weekend, which I'll get to, but it needs some back story first. I was asked by the cute online magazine, Lydia, to write an article about this boiling hot city of Phoenix, since I have a "local's" perspective. Chris and I spent a good amount of our Sunday running all over the city, to my favorite coffee shop, a restaurant I wish I could eat at every day, even to a new shopping center filled with locally owned boutiques.

At the end of the day I was exhausted, extremely hot, but was rather impressed with the fact that I have a laundry list of places we could have visited. 

After three years, I think I finally have become a local, with concrete ties to this city. It's a weird and interesting feeling. I have a dry cleaner and a doctor, know where to visit to get the best farmer's market veggies, have a brunch list (with special love for the ones that serve bottomless mimosas), know where I like to get meat and organic foods, and can list my top 5 froyo locations, including there proximity to where I stand. That is a serious feat. 

To think I'm only 24 years old, and have every intention to explore many more cities during my time on this planet. I love the idea of being able to add the badge "Phoenix/Scottsdale local" to my repertoire, right next to Seattle. 

What cities do you consider yourself a "local" of?
You can see the Lydia post HERE

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