Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Something Borrowed: Wild Florals

It is no secret that I have big love for all things weddings (events too, but weddings are my jam). Therefore, I've decided to stop ignoring the urge to obsessgush on my blog, as I had previously been avoiding looking like a crazy girl who is so wrapped up in excitement for her own wedding. With no ring even on the horizon.

But people! It's my dream job. So therefore, Wedding Wednesdays are now an officially slotted post, sure to brighten your hump day.

This week we will be oogling some gorgeous florals. I've been so smitten with organic styled bouquets, centerpieces, arches and boutineers. Long gone are the days where it was proper and preferred to have tightly packed roses displayed in the shapes of pew rounds, and in square glass vases. Instead, bouquets are beautiful displays of entire gardens, intertwined with ferns, cactuses, baby's breath, and more. The height is varied between many of the flowers, as are the shapes, colors, size of the blooms. Better yet, bouquet's can be made of 5 pieces or 30, and any number in between. A great choice for couple's looking to lower floral costs, or make their budget stretch.

In addition to the above, what flowers or plants have you been loving lately? And yes, I already know you love peonies:)


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