Friday, June 14, 2013

B Loves B - A Bridal Shower

Bianca and I have been best buds since the rip old age of 14. I've talked about her loads in this ol blog, making an escape to her beautiful home of Coronado, San Diego whenever I have the chance.

I'm still in utter disbelief that in less than a week, I'll be making my next trip to San Diego to watch Bianca marry her wonderful fiance Bobby. I'll be standing right up beside her, probably ugly crying my eyes out. (Is it proper to warn the photog to just go ahead and crop you you out of all the shots that involve vow giving, first kisses, I do's, etc...?).

Back in April, our girlfriend Merri and I plotted and planned our little hearts out to throw Bianca the best Bridal Shower & Bachelorette weekend we could muster. The bridal shower she knew about, the bachelorette party she did not. Surprise bachelorettes are officially my favorite thing. With the help of her future mother in law, and an army of friends and family, we turned her in law's backyard into a girly mecca with good eats and even better sweet treats. We showered her with love, presents to feather her nest, and whoooole bunch of champagne & cosmos. Because, obviously.

The inspiration for the event was a color palette of navy, ombre pinks, and roses, a few of Bianca's favorite things. (The girl just emits Ralph Lauren). Strawberry lemonade bites, red velvet and chocolate cake pops, peanut butter thumb prints, sour cream pound cake cupcakes with Sprinkles fresh strawberry frosting, and a medly of pink candies kept me wildy entertained (dinner? what dinner), as the other guests enjoyed Orzo salad, Bianca's "Won't Stay Single for Long" pasta, all kinds of potluck wonderfulness, and brushetta inspired by my favorite restaurant, Postino. We cooked Literally sliding in to home as the guests started to arrive. It was a miracle I didn't answer the door with batter in my hair and flour covering my maxi. Ahh the life of an event planner. I wouldn't have it any other way:)

Let the countdown begin! Prepare for some serious overgramming next weekend, friends. I am excited beyond belief.


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