Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Hiking as an excuse to brunch

Weather in the Valley has been absolutely incredible. We are getting the first wave of our Spring/Summer weather, with highs in the 80s and breezy as can be. This means it is absolutely necessary to plan at least one (or more...) outdoor happy hour, spring training game, brunch, etc. per week. I consider it homework.

Last weekend one of my best girlfriends, Sarah, came in to town to visit from San Diego. Wine nights, too many cupcakes, and visits to our local favorite speakeasy were on the agenda, in addition to a fabulous brunch. Sarah, Dani and I decided to mix in a little physical activity by waking up early (9 a.m....early for a Sunday!), and driving to hike the beautiful trail "Dreamy Draw".

Realistically it was more of a leisurely walk than a hike...but it was just the minimal amount of sweat we needed to justify an immediate trip to the Vig as soon as we were down off the mountain. To replenish our vitamin C. With mimosas.

The Vig Uptown has an amazing back patio that I rarely take advantage of, since my usual Vig trips are just up the road to the location in Arcadia. We all ordered egg dishes, with my healthy start omelet (with avocado of course), completely hitting the spot. Extra pico & hot sauce for me please!

After we brunched for far too many hours, we took a trip to Union for some window shopping, and prickly pear lemonades.Which, might I add, are INCREDIBLE. I see many future trips to this spot once we hit our 100 degree temps.



  1. The Vig and Union....two of my favorite places in Phoenix! Newbie Phoenix blogger and new follower here, so glad to have found another local gal in love with food and fashion!!! Great blog:)

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