Friday, March 22, 2013

A dreamy coffee shop & room to dream

I have been on a new schedule at work lately, working Saturday's and taking Thursday off during the week. At first, not having two days back to back for a weekend was a little jarring. I either wasted away the entire day sitting on the couch & watching movies, forgetting that real things like laundry and a trip to the market weren't going to finish themselves, or I'd spend all day running around with no chance to relax.

Now that I've settled in to this routine, I've fallen in love! Work three days, take a day to sleep in, enjoy a coffee, hit the gym, run a few errands, and shut out the rest of the world. Still leaving another day off right down the road - to do whatever I please.

A quick trip to Lola to pick up some ground coffee for the week turned in to a 2 hour brainstorm session with myself, a few Martha Stewart magazines, and the best cinnamon coffee in all of Phoenix. Planning a San Diego bridal shower for one of your very best friends, with a fabulous maid of honor who is all the way in New no easy task! Yet I can't remember the last time I've had this much fun. Pinterest beware, you are about to get a flood of new inspiration photos. I just love this stuff so much.

Hope you're all having lovely weeks. Happy Friday!



  1. This looks & sounds like perfection :)

  2. What a lucky bride-to-be to have you as a planner ; )


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