Sunday, January 13, 2013

Wise Words & Golden Globes Fashion

A mantra I've been telling myself over and over for the past few months, but hadn't decided to put it into action until the new year. As I've said before, I have this feeling about 2013 being a year to remember. With friends accomplishing amazing things left and right, happy phone calls, big plans & queasy feelings of potential greatness - I am already loving this year and we're only 13 days in.

Today is an special day for me - my first time on live TV! I'll be on the Phoenix NBC affiliate discussing the amazing red carpet looks from the Golden Globes. If you're in the market - tune in! If you're an out of towner, tweet me your favorites - I'd love to know. Twitter // @kthornhill, or follow me on instagram for some fun behind the scenes shots! Instagram // @sparklefarkle.

Happy Sunday! Bring on the gowns!


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