Monday, January 14, 2013

My Golden Globes Experience (Live from NBC 12 in Arizona!)

The Golden Globes are definitely ranked a little higher in my book, mainly because I love to see all of the movie stars, TV celebs & the sprinkling of popular musicians all chumming it up in one room. It's always interesting to see the tables and who they awkwardly place together, even giving us a sneak peek at the real life cross-pop culture friendships that have been established.

But let's be real. Most individuals watch the two hour pre-show, more than they really pay attention to the awards. The gowns! The beautiful hair! The sparkly millions of dollars worth of diamonds! The sky high shoes! I could go on. Which I did, on our NBC affiliate, Ch. 12, last night on their new show Connecting Arizona.

My experience was completely amazing. A TV first timer, I was so nervous the days leading up to the show! I read up on the Golden Globes, watched every segment I could find on last year's fashion police & this year's award show teasers, and solicited pep talks from pretty much every one of my best friends.  The day of, my stylish friend Karina let me peruse through her closet, picking out a number of amazing dresses to wear during my big debut.

I took a little trip over to a nearby Dry Bar, to get my hair done in true celebrity fashion. I was not about to risk burning the whole side of my face/wimpy hair/a bad do. It was amazing! I completely zoned out as Clueless was on, and before I knew it, the blowout was done! A quick stop home to pick up my things, and a got on the road for Ch. 12 to begin watching the red carpet. The ladies & I worked out of the upstairs newsroom, picking our favorite looks of the night with show hosts Tram Mai, Caribe Devine & Fay Fredricks.

Before we knew it, it was time to go on! We slipped into our cocktail wear, got our mics positioned, and were seated in front of the green screen. My fellow fashion panelists included the Arizona Republic's Megan Finnerty, Sharee Hartwell, owner of FORD/Robert Black modeling agency, and Terri Camberlengo, and Terri Camberlango, owner of the Agency Arizona. It was an absolute blur. Two segments in and poof! It was over. We were back walking upstairs to grab our things and head home.

My favorite picks for the evening? Kate Hudson. She KILLED IT. That dress, holy moly! 

Others I loved? Kerri Washington, J. Lo, Eva Longoria (who cares if she showed a little angelina leg...she looked incredible!), Jennifer Lawrence, Jon Hamm's girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt, and that sparkly teal Tina Fey number was lovely!

Who were your favorites red carpet hits? Any terrible misses?



  1. I didn't know you were going to be on TV but I actually happened to catch the segement last night! Congrats. What an exciting opportunity! Looks like it was a lot of fun! Kate was my best dressed too!

  2. I was wondering if that was you!! Now my question has been answered.
    You looked amazing last night!!!

  3. Katherine! I did your hair at drybar. I tuned in to your segment (even made my boyfriend tune in too) and you did an amazing job! Just wanted to give you kudos :] love your blog and have told many about it since I last saw you! Hope to see you at drybar again soon.
    Erin <3

  4. I am really sad I didn't get to see you on television. It would have been so awesome. How did you get this opportunity?

  5. Congratulations on your experience look like so much fun and you look great.


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