Friday, November 2, 2012

Crisp Air Friday

Happy Friday lovely people! I hope your November is off to a great start. This morning there was the most amazing chill in the air here in Phoenix, which of course was quickly chased away as the day progressed. 85 is not exactly my idea of Fall weather. We’re certainly getting there though…slowly.

Regardless, this weekend I will for sure be enjoying my first peppermint soy latte of the season, and will likely wear a wool sweater or two. I’ll also be getting started on some fun holiday crafts – not that I have any idea what those are yet. I have the itch to plug in my hot glue gun, and inspiration shall follow!

A few blogs I’ve been loving lately, to fill your weekend with a little more joy.

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  1. I love fall time!! Sorry that the weather isn't quite fall-ish for you. Hot drinks and warm sweaters are the best when it's cold out! I just started following you & I really enjoy reading your posts! I will stop by often :)

    Your new fellow blogger friend,


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