Tuesday, November 6, 2012


This is not a terribly political blog post. I won't give you a laundry list of reasons why candidate X is better than candidate Y, nor will I shout from the rooftops why I find myself leaning toward one side in most every issue on the ballot. 

I will say that I love election night, and the days leading up to it. This is purely based on the rumbling feeling of change, or at least the possibility of change, that seems to fill the air and the spirit of the American public. The feeling of connectedness, even with many opposing viewpoints, is like an electricity that connects families, neighbors, cities and states. Knowing that 99% of people are caring/listening/watching/agonizing/at the very least aware of the history being made in our country tonight is an incredibly powerful feeling. Now think if we actually put that spark to some great use - on an individual level. 

With all of the trust we place on our government to make big changes on our country, I don't believe there is all that much of an effort on the ground level. Huge economic change, healthcare reform, necessary movement forward on issues of marriage, war & world unrest - okay, I definitely don't have enough time to tackle that during the week.

Things I would like to get better at? Making a difference in people's lives, one at a time. Donate more time, energy, money & resources to organizations I care about. Spend less time melting my brain watching TV and more time sitting around dinner tables with friends, or on the computer skyping long distance family. Work harder to make my mark in the business world, saving my pennies for my future travel-filled, white picket fence american dream. Support more local business owners and farmers. Be nicer, help people more, smile wider, lose the road rage, lend a hand, and every so often - buy a stranger a coffee. 

I truly believe the spread of true happiness will make our nation a better place. 
Dish it out, and get it back tenfold. Think how full life can be!

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