Thursday, November 8, 2012

An Organized Holiday I - Festigrams

Shout out to all of the holiday procrastinators out there! Without fail, each year you can find me joining in the frenzy of shoppers digging through what's left in the mall Dec. 20-23. The panic, the regret, the guilt - not feelings that go well with the cheer, Christmas merriment & joy you're supposed to feel during this time of year.

This year, I'm finally changing my ways. I've given myself the green light to start celebrating early, with the understanding that I cannot procrastinate on the less exciting things. Each garland strand or glittery holiday ornament I pull out of storage will be followed by things like ordering gift wrap online, and picking up mail friendly packaging & stamps before a trip to the post office becomes a three hour excursion.

First on the agenda - cards! With so many places to choose your festive holidaygram, I thought I'd narrow down a few of my favorite online stops to purchase snail mail.

1// Etsy - Ordering off of this handmade site always makes me feel good about supporting people who are following the entrepreneurial dreams. A great way to find & support the art of letterpress cards, my favorite, for a surprisingly lower cost than you might think. Parrott Design Studio - $18 for 6

2// Papyrus - Easily one of the most well known greeting card companies in the country. Papyrus products can be found in big retailers, like Target, but also in neighborhood shops and their standalone boutiques. A pricier price tag per card, but anything heavily saturated with glitter and rhinestones I really can't resist. Papyrus Snowflake - $6.50

3// Tinyprints - For newlyweds, engaged couples, families with cute kiddos or even cute pets, ordering custom photo cards is the way to go. I qualify for none of these, although I was completely tempted by Tinyprints' modern calligraphy, cute layouts and supremely low cost. Tinyprints 'Merry Christmas' - about $2.25 each if you order 10, less the more you order!

4// World Market - A favorite store for home & kitchen things, World Market also has a great yearly holiday shop filled with inexpensive wrapping paper, tissue, tags, gift bags & more. It's one of my must-stops for holiday giving. Even better, they offer boxed card sets for much less than other stores. This is great if your Christmasgram must-send list is as long as your Santa wishlist. (Guilty) World Market - $9.99 for 10

More An Organized Holiday Tips to come!
Get festive!


  1. what a great collection of holiday cards! can't wait for that time of year! xo

    1. There are some really beautiful cards to choose from this year! Do you usually send out cards to friends & family?


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