Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Study of Light with Arrow & Apple

Something fun to share on le blog today! My good friend & oh so talented photographer, Sarah Rhodes, of Arrow & Apple, has started offering a fantastic e-course: The Study of Light. The topics will cover the ins and outs of lighting to improve your photography, which is high on my list of blog must-dos. For all us 8-5 "night bloggers" lighting is a huge issue! The eight week course will cover everything from tools for the best lighting, at-home lighting studios, the best ways to use natural light, reflectors, and all that jazz. Check out her blog for more info, she can tell it better than I can! Until after the course, then I will school you with my knowledge.

For beginners, intermediates, or even past photography minors who haven't given a second thought to actually trying to take nice photos since graduation (SO GUILTY), this class is for you.

You may even see a familiar face in one section of lessons. I'll give you two guesses who. (Ok if your first guess is ms. elsie, I don't blame you. She's WAY cooler than me. But I'm in it too!)

AND even better, since Sarah loves you all, she's giving a 10% discount using the code: friend10

Let me know if you decide to sign up! I'll be taking the class, and would love to discuss progress with fellow classmates.

Have a fab Thursday people!


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