Thursday, July 26, 2012

Soul Music: Of Monsters and Men

A few months ago, I caught wind that a new favorite band of mine, Of Monsters and Men, was touring the U.S. I was beyond excited when I noticed that one of the dates listed Tempe, AZ as the show location - with only a few weeks of waiting time.

I wrangled my friend Kortney into going with me, and a few of her coworkers joined us as well. The music this Icelandic, six-person band creates is absolutely beautiful. In the time of self-discovery and growth that seems to have happened in the last few months, several of their songs have been the soundtrack to my evenings spent cooking, blogging, being a wino & pondering my next life steps. Deep, I know. (Or pretend deep, whichever you prefer.)

If you haven't had the opportunity to listen to Little Talks, Love Love Love, Mountain Sound, or my personal favorite, Slow and Steady...take a few minutes tonight to close your eyes and listen. Music that brings a smile to your face, that makes your heart feel full, is my kind of music.

A little teaser from the show.



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