Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Deli & A Cobbler Addiction

I've talked before about my lovely married friends, Allen & Ashlyn, and their adorable house way out in Gilbert. Every time I've made the journey out, they've raved about a restaurant called The Deli. I swear this restaurant might as well call itself a speak easy, because if you don't go with someone who already knows it's there, you'll never find it.

This place is a hidden gem for sure. If you're brave enough to embark on the hour drive from downtown Phoenix (I had to pit stop at A&A's for water and a bathroom break), then I highly suggest you check it out.

A no muss-no fuss type family restaurant, the decor is pretty minimal but still looks nice & homey. I felt like I was visiting a family friend's house - the ones you are always hoping will invite you over to cook you incredible paula deen food and send you home with tubs of leftovers. I like those friends.

A wonderful start to a girls day, we hit up The Deli to fuel up for a full day of thrifting & Forever 21-ing. As a loyal customer of this restaurant, I let Ashlyn take the reigns on ordering her favorites. For an appetizer, the prosciutto wrapped warm house-made mozzarella bites were an obvious choice. HOLY oh my goodness. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try the fresh basil pesto dipping sauce (nut death), but I certainly wasn't complaining.

We split the Roasted Chicken Breast & Brie Cheese sandwich, which came piled high with Avocado, Cucumber, Greens & Sweet/Hot Mustard. We picked two different sides, since I wasn't able to eat the pesto drenched pasta salad. I ordered the potato salad on a whim, which was an odd choice since I generally hate potato salad. I was feeling pressured and ridiculously high maintenance for asking if every menu item had nuts in, on or around it. (that girl)

I loved it. Couldn't get enough. Who would have thought! First tomatoes, now potato salad? 
Clearly my taste buds are dying.

As we were wrapping up our meal, our awesome waitress stopped by to tell us about a one-day-only special at the restaurant that we HAD to order if we knew what was good for us. I am easily persuaded by onceinalifetime chance situations, and after hearing Ashlyn rave about all of the desserts her & her hubs have tried during their many visits, I decided to yolo it.

The baker/chef extraordinaire had picked up a box of Schnepf Farms peaches that morning, that were apparently the best batch of fruit picked this summer. So she decided to whip up a few secret batches of cobbler, but not include it on the menu as it was likely to run out in a few short hours. Served to us warm, fresh out of the oven with two scoops of The Deli's homemade cinnamon brown sugar ice cream...I think I may have experienced a little bit of heaven on earth. Foodie overload.

So when you visit, if you can find it, always ask for the super secret dessert menu. Always.



  1. How have I not heard of this place!?! I live in Mesa and I'm definitely going to have to check this out now! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I had never heard of it either! Definitely a great find. There are so many things on the menu to try, I see another trip back in my near future.

  2. Just put this on my 'must eat' list.
    I'm willing to make the drive from North Phoenix

  3. YUMMMY, that looks so delicious. Inspiring my lunch choice I'm about to make!


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