Tuesday, June 26, 2012

{The Phoenix Style Collective Special at Urban Beans}

You know you & your friends are cool when you have your own special drink at a local coffee shop. It may not officially be on the menu, and the baristas may give you an odd look with you insist on "The Phoenix Style Collective special", but don't let them fool you! They are asking for the ingredients to make sure you're legit.

Urban Beans is a cute little shop on Central that is half cool coffee shop for students and office for business entrepreneurs, half urban phoenician bar, and all hipster in between. The mismatched furniture and local art on the wall give it a very homey vibe, the perfect location for one of our PSC meetings.

I'm usually pretty early to our meetings, since our rendezvouz are typically in the downtown Phoenix area, which is close to my house. Driving all the way home & back seems like a silly idea, especially when I've trained myself to carry around my book of the week for perfect stolen moments of alone time. Each time I'm early, usually Kara is too. Which I love, because it gives me a few minutes with a good friend to unload life's woes and usual goings on. I always feel better after our chats, which may or may not have something to do with the fact she's a therapist.

There's nothing wrong with mooching off your friends listening skills while you share a treat (thanks Kara!) I can only hope my untrained ear provides some comfort as well. The evenings we plan to stay late I'll order dinner, and Urban Bean's salmon dill quiche caught my eye somethin fierce. There was no saying no!

So to let you in on the secret. The super official Phoenix Style Collective drink of choice is....a blackberry latte, hot or iced. Try it and prepare to be impressed! Created on accident at the Arizona Blogger Conference, our on hand coffee extraordinaire first pulled the divine drink and started passing it around to the attendees. A masterpiece was born! Paired with an espresso mini cupcake? Guaranteed to make your day. If an afternoon jitter isn't your thing, try the non-coffee version of a blackberry lemonade.  Equally delicious!



  1. :) <3 Our chats always make me feel better, too!

  2. I live in Arizona, and I found your blog for the first time! I love all your coffee reviews. You are such a great photographer! I LOVE Urban Beans! The people there are so nice! I stopped by there on my way home day. Have you ever tried a tSoynami from Nami? Love that too - Alexis


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