Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{Summer Days}

This is the first year since I've graduated that I can feel the ache of summer vacation slowly trickling back into my thoughts. I can imagine the warm sun on my face and chilly breeze while boating on Lake Washington, fighting the urge to put on a sweater since it was supposed to be summer, and supposed to be hot. I crave BBQs during this time of year, sweet watermelon balls, corn on the cob stuck in all of the crevices between my teeth, and the smell of fire crackling beneath my toasting marshmallow. The miss feeling you get when you check the time and it's already past 8 p.m. and the sun is still setting, it's like you've been given the gift of a few additional hours to spend with friends. Summer brings a feeling of love in the air, not the passionate and all consuming love felt during Christmas time, but a light almost bubbly happiness shared with friends, family and loved ones that is hard to replicate.

I wonder if I every truly appreciated these days and feelings growing up. Sleeping in until the sun wakes you up, moving slow in the mornings and plotting your pool-hopping plan of attack for the day. The funniest part is my memory of summertime is such a cliche memory. I can't specifically imagine a time where day after day I spent floating in a pool or boating, being lazy without a care in the world and wasting hours staying up with friends. It's almost as if I've picked out the most special memories of years past, and combined them to make one amazing memory that I cling to and hope for during this time each year. 

This year I've promised myself to care less about chores on weekends and more about laying in the pool. To read more on the patio, and to stop fighting the 2 p.m. urge to nap. To take more day trips and spend less time indoors. To stay up too late on Saturday & Sunday and feel truly fulfilled upon returning to work Monday morning. With that comes the idea of a summer bucket list, which I'd like to put together soon. 

What will be on your summer 2012 bucket list?

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