Tuesday, April 17, 2012

{Pic Stitch}

An ode to my new love of the iphone app, Pic Stitch, and other important reasons why I've been so missing round these blog parts. 2012 has proven to be quite the rollercoaster so far, and sometimes I feel like I'm barely hanging on for dear life. For the most part, it's all been wildly entertaining & fun, with a few other "learning experiences" and less than warm & fuzzy times. All in all, still surviving, and happy to be returning to the blog, mostly for an opportunity to decompress from everything else going on in my life.

The last two weeks have reinvigorated my extreme coffee addiction. A 55 hour (straight!) client event was the official test of how much caffeine my body can truly handle, which I discovered is a ton. Good or bad thing? I haven't decided yet. Also, I discovered  I am an equal opportunity coffee drinker - einstein bros, starbucks, home brewing, dunkin, hob nob, I don't care really as long as it brings on a good jitter!

Post-event I fled from desert to desert, leaving Phoenix behind for a glorious weekend in Palm Springs with one of my closest friends, Alli. Staying at a house where Oprah & Katy Perry have taken up residence does wonderful things for the mind, even if my inner-diva had a hard time re-situating back into my one bedroom/one bath apartment at the end of the weekend. We drank ciroctails, sunbathed drenched in maui babe, stayed up late gossiping & giggling and generally had way to much fun.

In the past two weeks, where blogging fell short, instagram stepped in! I've been attempting to photograph each day's outfit, which makes for plenty of myspace mirror shots. Follow along if you'd like! My username is sparklefarkle.

In addition to not blog writing, my blog reading has fallen even lower on the priorities list. So tell me, friends, what have you been up to?

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  1. You're back! Love it- that black top (upper left pic) is so perfect!


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