Monday, April 2, 2012

{Fort Collins Brewery}

In my last brewery tour post, I mentioned our first stop was for lunch and beer tasting. The location was Fort Collins Brewery & its restaurant, Gravity Ten Twenty.

Curious where the name came from? The Gravity website states that "Specific Gravity in brewing is a measure of dissolved sugar in our wort. Typically this number is around 1.020 which also happens to be the address of the restaurant!" Which means absolutely nothing to me. But might make sense to you?

The airplane death offering of peanuts wasn't going to suffice, and I was pretty hungry by the time we got to the restaurant! The restaurant's menu had lots to choose from, and I'm still needing to go back to try the polenta fries (I loooove polenta. Weird, I know.)

Craft beer is not something I consider myself an expert on, or even a novice for that matter. I did, however, get to try a beer that was 'on nitro'. Which again, means nothing to me, but might mean something to you! I did notice that it was much creamier then the rest (can beer be creamy? I'm embarrassing myself.)

Next time I go back to Colorado, I'm making the promise to myself to stop being such a beer noob. I can order an IPA, but that's about the extent of my knowledge. Next time I will be better!

Dev & I split the mushroom sandwich, which was delicious, but in desperate need of some cheese, and a healthy drizzle of mustard. We each got a side of grilled veggies, and the group split the sweet potato fries.

Considering I was expecting the usual bar food (pretzels, brats & wings), this was a pretty healthy meal! More room for beer of course.

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  1. Hi Katherine,
    Like your Blog and I'm also a seattle native.
    Look forward to reading more of your stuff.


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