Tuesday, March 27, 2012

{Tsoft Tserve}

My love of froyo has been well documented on instagram, probably a little too frequently. Living in Arizona provides inspiration to pick up a frozen sweet treat daily, and I swear my brain has become accustomed to needing it as an afternoon snack. Such a struggle.

When one of the lovely ladies of the Phoenix Style Collective suggested we visit Nami for our usual Wednesday meeting, I wasn't convinced it would satisfy my once a week allowance for froyo. Name, short for tSoynami, the tsoft tserve & coffee shop sells soy based ice cream mixed with all wonders of organic add ins. 

The menu is just unfair. Thankfully I can rule out any of the flavors that have peanut toppings, but that still left me with too many to choose from. Especially when most of the options have a cereal topping option - and I have a very serious cereal addiction. I've heard great things about the O' Ginger Snap and the Soy Captain, and the Vegan Ts'mores almost had me. But then. There it was, listed on the special flavors.

Who is going to argue with a flavor that has so many exclamation points after it?! Not me. Karma Corn it was mixed with the Pretzel 1. Go big or go home people.

I'm sold. Who wants to go back with me immediately?


  1. How funny is it that I also did a post on my trip to get tSoynamis today?! I live in Mesa, so it's more convenient for me to go to Green in Scottsdale, but still! This is too funny! You and I must be thinking alike! :)

    1. Hahaha no way! I'm heading to check out the post right now:) Clearly we need to get together for some tsoft tserve & we can wear our matching glasses!

  2. MMM! The Chai Teramisu ADD chocolate sauce is my fave!! Haven't been to the new location yet!

  3. Um, ME! I totally went tonight, haha.

  4. I seriously need to get with the times here... i'll be going asap!

  5. Funny - you posted about tsoynamis! (yes, i'm reading all your posts) =)


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