Friday, March 23, 2012

{The Sock Bun}

I finally bit the bullet and made myself a lovely sock bun if I needed another excuse to not do my hair in the morning! A plush athletic sock was sacrificed in the process of making this contraption, one that had lost its mate a long time ago.

The steps could not be easier. Almost too easy, I attempted to use this craft as a gym-aversion tool. Much to my surprise it only took five minutes and I still had plenty of time to get in a workout. BLAST.

Drumroll please...

This is a work friendly sock bun attempt, lower than the blogger friendly sock bun I plan to create this weekend...a.k.a. directly stacked on top of my head snowman style. Paired with my favorite stripe Karen Kane maxi, and I have managed to accomplish the most put together casual outfit I've ever worn. A somewhat relevant side note - read this. Hilarious.

sweater: Nordstrom // dress: c/o Karen Kane // belt: forever 21

Happy Friday!


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    1. Thank you! I'm so happy it's maxi season again, I swear I could live in one every single day.

  2. Perfect outfit! Hot buns ...err....bun! :) Okay that link is HILARIOUS!! Like stuffing your bra? why yes, it is.... bahaha


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