Monday, February 6, 2012

{This Means War}

When I first saw the trailer for This Means War, it took 4 seconds until I gave it a two thumbs up. It took all of one look at Chris Pine & Tom Hardy in the same movie to know I would see it. Bonus? Reese Witherspoon is just plain awesome.

Now comes the fun! Do YOU want to see this fabulous movie, a whole week before it's set to come out in theaters, AND for free? I'm assuming the answer is yes. So mark down this Wednesday, 2/8, in your brain/planner/smartphone calendar to join me in watching a private screening of this fun flick at Studio Movie Grill in Scottsdale. Download your free ticket here. Get an account & enter in the RSVP code: 39C3SREY

Bring friends! Share with your neighbor!
I can't promise I won't elbow you for the fist place in line. 
But I CAN promise it will be a good time.

Tweet me if you're coming, and add yourself to the Facebook invite! It's @kthornhill, and use the hashtag #thismeanswar.

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