Friday, February 3, 2012

{Finding Inspiration: Links}

Wishing for a relaxing weekend filled with hikes, movies and some baking & blogging.

 Maybe some sunset watching too. It's beautiful here.

  • I to have been bit by the Ryan Gosling bug. Dear Ryan, when you're finished dating that Eva Mendes chick (whoever she is anyway), I'm right here & waiting! Feel free to say this to me any time.
  • Any NPR fangirls out there like me? This is too good.
  • There are no words for this. If only all men were like Ryan Gosling...don't they know we're busy?
  • These Roasted Baby Potatoes with Créme Fraíche, Bacon, and Chives look perfectly poppable.
  • I was pleasantly surprised to see a different take on the treat burger over at cupcakes and cashmere this week! My mom used to make them mini sized with nilla wafers as buns & peppermint patties as burgers. They were so good!
  • Mini Pretzel Dogs via joy the baker. Could these look any more delicious? I'd serve them with 3-5 different mustards, although I don't know if that would be enough.
  • Staying on my goal of celebrating (and remembering) all of my friend's birthdays this year, I might stockpile a bunch of these easy up-cycled tins in fun colors! Even if I just fill them with a cute birthday card & a treat or two.
  • If I can hurry and get this garland project done now, I wouldn't mind leaving it up this entire love-filled month!

Happy Friday!


  1. love. love. love. and Ryan Gosling.

    1. I can't even help it. The Ryan Gosling love is so strong!

  2. I couldn't open the first few links :(

    I could, however, open all the others and I opened every single one and thought to myself each time, "WE. ARE. SOULMATES." Wouldn't that garland be so cute at a wedding??

    1. I just went through and re-linked the links because it is THAT important you see all of the Ryan Gosling goodness.

      The garland would be so cute in a wedding. And yes, clearly we are soulmates. Hope you had a fab post birthday week! Can we get together and bake in your tricked out kitchen sometime soon? PSC pinterest bake-off perhaps?


  3. Hi Katherine!
    I just stumbled across your blog via the phoenixstylecollective site :)
    I am going to be an official phoenix resident as of this May, and I'm very excited about connecting with other phx area bloggers! I perused through your site a little bit, and I am happy to be your 68th follower :)

    1. I'm glad you found me and the rest of the Phoenix Style Collective gang! Are you looking forward to moving to PHX?

      - Katherine

  4. I'm actually NOT a Gosling lover. I know, I know.

    BUT, I'm a huge NPR fangirl and I got a kick out of that link.

    1. Whaaaaat! I didn't know it was possible to not love Ryan Gosling. Ha! Clearly you proved me wrong.

      - Katherine


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