Tuesday, January 10, 2012

{Toppings Bar at Portage Bay Cafe}

Portage Bay Cafe is hands down my favorite breakfast restaurant in Seattle. It might even be my favorite breakfast restaurant in all of the U.S., besides the obvious fact that I haven't actually visited every breakfast restaurant in the states. That would be impossible.

Sometimes you just know that you and a restaurant are meant to share a long existence with one another. It gives you little hints, like self serve endless coffee, a menu filled with every single thing you could possible ever think you may want to eat for breakfast, and most importantly, a toppings bar.

They also leave an entire jar of fresh, homemade jam that just BEGS to be globbed on top of thick cut, warm wheat toast. Sometimes I think I only eat toast because it is merely a tool to get jam into my mouth. True story.

Jam:bread ratio is completely uneven. I could barely focus on my omelette when the server first brought it to me, having been counting down the minutes until I was given something other than my spoon to eat the jam. Because obviously eating jam with a spoon straight out of the jar wouldn't be lady like.

My beautiful mama accompanied me on this breakfast quest, since I knew I wouldn't be able to leave Seattle until I had been to Portage Bay. The wait was long, like usual, but at least they give you big mugs and lots of coffee to keep you company.

We ordered Lemon Curd French Toast, made with homemade challah bread, and an Italian Omelette, which comes with the restaurant's fantastic roasted organic potatoes. For real people, this place is un.believable. The photos do not do it justice.

The best part of ordering any kind of french toast/pancake option, is you earn your self a trip to Portage Bay's illustrious toppings bar. I've mentioned before my love of toppings, which is almost criminal to unleash on the restaurant. They ask you to "take all you want, but eat all you take", which is a challenge I'll gladly accept.  

Until we meet again Portage Bay, you'll always have my heart. 
Thank you for teaching me to eat like I give a damn.


  1. This place looks unbelievable! I LOVE late breakfasts and would probably die if I ever went to this place! i've never heard of a toppings bar- genius!

  2. It is so good, you'd love it!



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