Wednesday, January 11, 2012

{Daily Dozen Doughnuts}

Important things on my mind today? The correct spelling of doughnut, or donut. That, and how on earth I'm going to convince my mom to send me a care package of well preserved mini doughnuts from Pike Place Market, to brighten my day.

If you live in Seattle, or any part of Washington for that matter, I highly suggest adding a trip to Pike Place to your weekend agenda. People visit Pike Place for the obvious reason of it being a pretty well known landmark, but the Daily Dozen Doughnut stand is a draw all on its own. It's the secret reason I go to Pike Place at all.

The Donut Robot and it's glorious creations have been pleasing Seattle locals & unsuspecting tourist since before I moved to Washington way back in the 90s. I remember coming to this stand with my dad, ordering a half dozen golden plain doughnuts, and melting into the incredible doughnuty flavor one bite at a time. Back then they seemed much larger.

This time, a morning-after new yea'rs eve excursion, these doughnuts put the wind back in my sails after a long night of fun. My mom and I took a trip to Pike Place in search of the minis, which was fantastically empty. We parked directly outside the market's stalls, leisurely walking along the cobblestone road en route to the stand.

With most of the vendor stalls closed, I didn't fully get to experience Pike Place like I wanted. The cool breeze was the same, as was the lingering smell of fish and the ocean, but I missed the large flower bouquets, honey sticks and bustle of locals stocking up on produce for the week while tourists snap photos of the tiniest details, wanting to remember each moment at this iconic site.

But, truthfully, I just wanted some doughnuts. 

The Seattle hangover cure: Coffee, doughnuts & fresh air. Quickly followed by a nap.


  1. yummmm! I haven't had donuts in sooo long!

  2. The funny part is, other then these beautiful minis, I really don't even like doughnuts!

    ❤ Katherine

  3. AHH! I LOVE love LOVE those doughnuts! Been loving them since I was about 7 years old. mmmmmmmmm

  4. I'm in Seattle a lot- and no matter how many times I'm there, I always visit Pike's place. I just love everything about it!

  5. I love The Daily Dozen! I actually worked there with my boyfriend (the guy in the beanie in the first pic) during summer! We live in Stewart House right up the way from there on the market! Seattle is great I love it so much!


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