Wednesday, January 18, 2012

{Shoe Lust}

Ever since I splurged and bought myself those bright NYE booties, I haven't been able to get impractical shoes out of my head. Normally I'm pretty good in shopping situations that involve impulse purchases and frivolous spending, keeping the goal of buying for my work wardrobe in mind. Alas, my budget is in tact, and my credit card still nestled away in my wallet. But who says I can't peek?

The lust list:

1 Steve Madden // 2 Bandolino Shoes // 3 Steve Madden // 4 Frye // 5 Nine West // 6 Vince Camuto

All of these lovely shoes and boots are available at your nearby Macy's, who approached me to peruse their fabulous shoe offerings. I certainly found more than a few pairs (which I limited to six), that I've decided I already own in my mental dream closet. The boots I'd pair with black skinnies and my favorite silk top for work, and either blue booties with a fun dress for a night on the town. The Bandolino wedges and the drool-worthy leather Steve Madden booties I'd pair with dark matchstick jeans, long sleeve top and fun accessories. 

Looking at this roundup, and the majority of the shoes stashed away in my closet, it's clear to me I have a thing for camel shoes. The rich color matches so well with jeans, black pants, tights & colors, I seem to find endless options to pair with the shoes regardless of season.

I think all of the shoes could be dressed up or dressed down for work/play, given the right outfit. Who wants to gift me each pair so I can test this theory? ...mostly joking. 


  1. Pretty sure I need one of each as well!! Bootie-ful! bahaha

  2. Ooooh, I love the blue Maddens and the Bandolinos. I'm actually not much of a shoe girl, but it's posts like these that remind me I have a "shoe girl" inside of me!

    1. I never thought I was either! But the older I get, the more swayed I get to spend a little more time on the shoe floor in Nordstrom & Macy's and other shops like it. I feel a sickness coming! Haha.

      ❤ Katherine


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