Thursday, January 19, 2012

{A Cactus in Seattle}

Which is actually a not-so-creative play on words for Cactus, the restaurant, one of my must visit destinations on a trip to the beautiful northwest. Thankfully, my mom enjoys a trip to this restaurant as much as I do, which makes it a tradition I look forward to every time I fly home.

We stopped in for lunch on an overcast day, after circling forever for a parking spot (damn you Kirkland!). Thankfully we were seated right away since the hunger was in full force and I'm sure I had a crazy look in my eye. Chips and salsa for the table could not have come more quickly, and were warm! Mmm nom.

My one request while home for vacation was that we didn't eat any mexican food, considering the saturation of mexican restaurants in my neighborhood. I do live in Phoenix after all. BUT I gave myself a little wiggle room since Cactus is a mixture of mexican, southwestern and spanish cuisine...which is completely different. Plus look at the menu! Couldn't pass it up.

{Carnitas Yucatecas}

{seafood enchiladas}

The entrees, which we split, were ridiculously good. Good enough to eat multiple times a week, good. I also highly recommend the butternut squash enchiladas, tortilla soup, navajo bread, or any of the salads.

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