Friday, January 6, 2012

{Finding Inspiration: Resolutions}

As you may have read in my resolutions post, I'm trying to keep this year's goals simple, in the hopes they'll be easy to follow and accomplish. Thankfully there are some pretty great products out there to help me check off the boxes one at a time.

1 - A cute notebook to capture blog ideas & remember new friends and sites.
2 - A new set of fancy colors to inspire nail upkeep. This one too. Love.
3 - A website and app that leave me with no more budget excuses.
4 - An environmentally friendly bottle to carry water with me at all times.
5 - A poster to inspire continuous hard work // blog, job & friendship related.
6 - A start to a birthday card collection, to remind me to send them to friends.
7 - A hilarious book, the first of my book-a-month goal, only 11 more to go. (which includes this, this, and this, to start!)

I also resolve to throw more dinner parties, like this fabulous evening, and start using my little nest to its fullest potential. Finally, you've got to read these accurate, smart & funny resolutions for those 20 somethings that haven't nailed theirs down yet.

What are your resolutions this year?


  1. I love these! I , too, need to carry water with me, have just signed up for Mint, and that 20 something resolution list is so awesome!

    Wanna start a book club? We need more clubs! HAHA

  2. okay i need to look into this Mint thing, cause Lord knows I need a budget! Love this list!

  3. Mint is the best thing! Seriously, I'm already feeling so on track!

    Then again I've been avoiding the mall like crazy...

    ❤ Katherine

  4. I carry with my Klean Kanteen bottle with me everywhere and I promise, the best decision ever! I save tons of money by not buying plastic bottles and I save the environment too! I've never used Butter nail polish. This needs to change asap!



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