Tuesday, December 6, 2011


As an only child, I've always had a bit of jealousy for those with brothers & sisters. Growing up, people always insisted I had the best situation, having my parents all to myself, but I dreamt of constant playing companions and built-in best friends. I will admit I have fabulous relationship with them both my mom and dad, and I'm not sure if we'd be as close had any other babies had entered the picture.

With my mom and her brother both in town for Thanksgiving, it was funny to see how similar they are. They both have similar witty jokes, say the same things during conversations, and even have the same mannerisms, despite being almost 10 years apart in age. We spent an afternoon at Queen Creek Olive Mill, for lunch and a tour (which we ended up missing because we talked for too long).

As Arizona's only working olive farm & mill, the place certainly has a cult following. A wonderful trip out for visitors, you can find their products in most specialty shops around the state, as well as public markets.

On location there is a gourmet marketplace, which houses the mill's restaurant, del Piero. Their famous sandwich, The Kalamata, has been featured on the Food Network...so obviously I had to try it. Split with my mama, we also had the greek salad.

Seriously pretty food. 

Back indoors, the marketplace offers an incredible selection of their olive oils, local and imported wines, gifts, an olive bar and beauty section. They'll ship pretty much anything too, in case you're an out of towner!

Photo overload, but I couldn't help it. The grounds are so beautiful, I couldn't help but mentally plan parties around the long tables, with twinkle lights swaying from the olive trees. Dreamy!

If it wasn't so far away, I'd be back more often!

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  1. 1) I can say with authority that siblings are pretty great. Certainly annoying at times, but pretty great.
    2) You are gorgeous and I love that sweater top!
    3) Please give me that entire meal.
    4) I love that you decorated that place in your mind...definitely indicates that your dream of being an events planner is the right choice :)


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