Tuesday, December 13, 2011

{La Crêperie}

I either talk about my love of Paris entirely too much, or my best friends know me really well. Either way, it led me Ft. Collins' cute eatery Restaurant Francais, La Creperie. Devin insisted we go while I was visiting Colorado, since she knew I'd love it there. She was right!

This small restaurant is filled to the brim with tables, and on a Saturday morning, guests as well. Our wait wasn't as bad as expected, since it gave us time to oogle the dishes wafting by and the lovely holiday decor.

We were finally seated at a cute table by the window & dug into the huge list of breakfast, crepe & baguette options. Narrowing it down was tough, so we decided to split a croissant sandwich and sweet crepe with bananas and brown sugar.

It was absolutely fantastic. A little raspberry jam on the side for dipping, and a heaping pile of dijon mustard for me. I felt like I was back walking the streets of Paris, on my favorite street Rue Cler. Sigh.

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