Wednesday, October 12, 2011

{We Dig The Pig}

Chris and I seem to have stumbled on a new tradition. What started as a fun way to pick guaranteed delicious restaurants for the fall moving roadtrip of 2010, has turned into so much more. Now, whenever Chris & I visit a new city we immediately look up the Man vs. Food options. We're not about to take on whatever challenge Adam miraculously defeated, but we figure if it's good enough to eat 8 times the normal portion of the restaurant's food, it's worth a visit!

Oh Pappy's Smokehouse. I was so hungry by the time we arrived, only to find out there was a 45 minute wait that wrapped through the building and back outside. I managed to take a few photos of the interior, but as I was wasting away I couldn't focus on the excitement of a new restaurant. Seriously, the delicious BBQ smell almost killed me.

Our hostess said the line was light for the day, and expected it to get worse. This popular place was busy even before the Man vs. Food people blasted it on TV's across the country, making it almost impossible to actually eat here now. The constant fear that they were going to run out of food (apparently it happens often), kept me pretty entertained/scared our entire wait.

We were in the neighborhood for the Rams game, so we decided to push though. 

Pulled pork sandwiches, baked beans, sweet potato fries & coleslaw. 
It was the real deal. 

Happy (stuffed) Katherine.

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