Friday, October 21, 2011

{It's the most wonderful time of the year...}

Dear Christmas,
You have some serious competition. 

  • How fun is this typography game!? I think I could do this for hours. {found via the veda house}
  • More type fun! Check out this awesome project, which pairs designers & their most creative letter ideas against one another to fight to the death. With votes of course.
  • I love this easy DIY from Paper morning: a french press cozy! Now all I need is a french press.
  • Bahahaha excuse me? Cutest craft ever. I see lots of these guys in my Christmas tree's future.
  • Halloween is coming up so quickly! If I had the patience, I'd make these or these fun cakepops for a few parties I'll be attending.
  • Every time I see something on the internet that involves baking pretzel-ish things, I pin it, but never make it. This recipe maybe have finally be the one.
  • I need serious help. While my new iPhone is backordered for the next 6 months (HURRY warehouse sorters & postal service people, I beg you), I need to get a case to protect it. I was completely set on a Jack Spade case, until I discovered this!
  • My friend Ashlyn got me the BEST birthday present. Knows me too well. This thing is filled with great ideas!
Happy Friday!

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