Thursday, September 29, 2011

{Explore}: Botanical Garden in St. Louis

The Missouri Botanical Gardens in St. Louis are incredibly beautiful. The grounds are filled with a variety of different gardens, including a Japanese garden, Victorian district filled with perfectly pruned bushes (and the site for my style post), a Chinese garden, an area for Children to play and learn about nature, and more. There were so many weddings going on in various parts of the garden, what an amazing backdrop. Seriously I felt myself going all mushy on the inside as we strolled by.

A few snaps to brighten your Thursday. Sometimes it's nice to get outside, away from a screen & really experience nature (even if it's from behind the lens). I highly highly recommend a visit if you're ever in St. Louis.

 Double bonus: hanging out with a certain guy in harris tweed & elbow patches. Swoon.


  1. LOVE THIS!! I meant to ask you how your impulse Meet me in St. Louis trip went! Looks like I got my answer! What beautiful pictures! I can feel the love! ;) P.S. LOVE that purple on you!!

  2. What a beautiful place!! You did such a great job of capturing that on film. Who wouldn't love to get married in a place like that!? Two points to bf for having on that rad blazer.

  3. @Courtney thank you! Haha I officially love last minute trips. The build up of waiting months and months for a trip you plan too early is BRUTAL.

    @Kara I'll tell him!

    ❤ Katherine


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