Monday, June 27, 2011

{Guest Blogger: An Introduction}

Something spontaneous has happened around these parts! A new part-time Sparklefarkle contributor, the boyfriend, who plans to pop in every now and again to share some abstract thoughts, a manfit or two, and pretty much anything else I'll allow past the harsh rounds of blog post editing. 


Hellllo Katherine blogger friends. 

I’ll be honest, I have absolutely no clue why I’m writing this. Perhaps this serves as my silent admission that I do in fact find her blog intriguing. You see, like most males I had a huge stigma attached to this whole blogosphere concept. Fortunately for her, around the time she started SparkleFarkle, I was so busy attempting to gain (and keep) her attention that I was forced to bite my tongue on her newest obsession.

These days, I find myself looking forward to her posts for several reasons. 
1. I enjoy her photography skills (shhhh). 2. Her clever writing is guaranteed to brighten your day, if only for a moment. 3. And then perhaps my favorite part about her posts is that I serve as her personal spellchecker; which allows me to point out her mistakes without actually getting in trouble (the joy taken from this is unsurpassed).

Since you’re reading this, you’ve no doubt grown to appreciate the cheesy, bubbly, adventurous, and slightly good-looking :) woman that is girlfriend. You see I’m quite fond of her these days. But I suppose to understand my affection for her, you must first understand a little about me.

I’m probably one of the more even-keeled people you’ll ever come across. I don’t get excited or discouraged easily. My parents still talk about how they’d have to convince me to get into a costume and leave the house on Halloween. Need more proof?? Every year I beg Katherine not to do anything special for my birthday. I simply don’t care for all the hooplah. I can’t stand vegetables, except for broccoli with a heavy load of cheddar cheese on top. My favorite thing to do is start conversations with strangers. I guess I just like listening to their stories. In my opinion, everyone has a fascinating background and I enjoy hearing all of them. Lastly, I don’t care for chocolate at all.

Now, for those of you who know Katherine, you must be chuckling to yourself. For those who haven’t had the pleasure, allow me to fill you in. The previous paragraph describes the exact opposite of Ms. SparkleFarkle. She gets excited for everything, she plans Halloween weeks in advance (probably stemming form her intensely passionate relationship with chocolate), she requires that her birthday take up the entire month of September, eats vegetables for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and she is often described by those who don’t know her as shy. 

Yes, I find the disparity quite amusing as well.

I’ve compiled a list of my likes and dislikes just to give you a better feel of what your favorite blogger is really like.

Katherine’s pluses
1. She cooks for me.
2. When she’s in a hurry to get ready she tends to scurry around like a rodent.
3. Her hair.
4. The confused face she makes when someone thinks she's any ethnicity other than Black/Italian.
5. Her unquenchable thirst for adventure.
6. Even with a 2 week old beard, gym shorts, and a t-shirt, she still finds me somewhat good-looking.

Katherine’s minuses
1. She wakes up too early on weekends. See here.
2. If we’re going somewhere together, I should expect to be at least 30 minutes late (I now resort to telling her the event starts an hour prior to when it actually does).
3. When I’m doing something wrong, she gives me this look that says, “any further non-compliance will result in you sleeping with one eye open for the night.”
4. She’s expensive.
5.  Even when I win an argument, I always feel like I lost.
6. She’s by far the most fragile individual I’ve ever come across. She once said to me, “Christopher, you have to be more gentle when we play-fight. Think of me as a kitten.”

Author's note: read no further if you wish to avoid that mushy feeling in your stomach.

To Katherine: I've been so happy these last 3+ years. I'm deeply in love with you, and if you play your cards right, I just may be interested in continuing these shenanigans of ours, but only if you promise to keep making me this....


  1. This may be the best blog article I have ever read... in my entire life of reading blog articles... Can't wait to see you guys!!

    The second best roommate of all time (behind MVP, of course)

  2. Um, this is really adorable. A super nice guy who's also extremely well-written and funny? LOCK THAT DOWN.


  3. I'm dieing laughing right now. U 2 r funny as hell! Kitten comment gets me every time.

  4. This post makes me laugh and cry at the same just makes me miss all of your quirky little katherinisms ten times more. LOVE.

  5. This was about the sweetest thing ever! Katherine, you have yourself a really good guy there and I'm interested in learning more about you and your blog.

  6. Haha I am loving all of the comments friends!

    Thank you all for your sweet compliments too, I'll be sure to pass them along to the boyfriend:)

    ❤ Katherine


Reading your comments is the best, it makes my day! ❤K