Friday, June 24, 2011

{Food Truck Fanatic}

Maybe not a full-blown fanatic, but I am certainly getting there. The first day of my mom's visit, she interrupted her day of lounging to drive over to the agency with Chris to pick me up for lunch. Needing a quick stop to eat and hang out, we decided to hit up the food trucks downtown. Thankfully, they now have swamp coolers set up surrounding the seating areas, with the dreaded misters spraying the covered picnic tables as well. This Phoenix heat will be the death of me I swear.

The Jamburrito truck won the attention of my mom & I, having already sampled the wonderfulness of Short Leash Hot Dogs and Torched Goodness. Although I will admit we were temporarily wooed by the idea of salted caramel creme brulee in the place of real lunch! 

Mama went with the grilled catfish and rice jamburrito, and I had the "sweet betsy", a pork/coleslaw/bbq/rice/spicy concoction from heaven.  We definitely could have split one, we were near burst capacity by the time our meal was over. (food coma? so strong and so not ideal).

Chris went for the Riteway Catering truck, and got a sausage links sandwich that smelled fantastic! Even better, the meal came with rosemary tater tots that were unbelievable. In my mind, the rosemary made them classier, and therefore healthier? Not just a typical child school-lunch buffet item. Mmm!

My lace top & thick jeans were not the ideal outfit to sit outside to enjoy my lunch. I can't help if I still like to dress as though I am living in Seattle! Once a cloudy weather outfit expert, always a cloudy weather outfit expert.

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