Monday, May 2, 2011

{S'mores & Snapshots}

 At the end of this week it will have been a year since I graduated from WSU.

 {in the car, en route to graduation, may 2010}

How can that be?!

I can't believe how fast this year has flown by. Each day I'm reminded that I really am growing up, seeing changes in myself & surroundings at every moment.  In the past year I graduated from college, moved home, traveled Europe, got a job, moved to Arizona, and as I sit here staring around the semi-decorated apartment I now call home, I'm faced with the realization that my life is only speeding up.

During the past two weeks, it is as if something within me has shifted, or even, settled. Call me a late bloomer but I really feel as if I'm coming into my own, and at the ripe age of 22 1/2 I've decided that I know everything. Ha! I wish.

Yesterday, I felt an insane level of glowing accomplishment after staring my disaster of an apartment in the eyes and challenging it head on, coming out victorious! My Sunday consisted of...swiffering, mopping, scrubbing the bathtub & toilet, cleaning the microwave (for the first time since I moved OCTOBER. disgusting.), cleaning the fridge, vacuuming, taking out several loads of garbage, assembling my Goodwill giveaways pile, color coding my closet, wiping down counters, cleaning the oven, dishes, windexing, hanging a mirror and two bulletin boards, making the bed, folding laundry, putting away Easter decorations, AND organizing my pantry.

Sigh. I then nearly fell asleep in the shower and spent the rest of the night on the couch, smile permanently plastered on my face as I looked around my clean living space. Really amazing the things that make you happy as you age! Or maybe when you're just crazy. That too.

Anywho. Sorry for the ramble, my mind seems to be a bit scattered lately. Here are some recent fun snapshots of my AZ activities:

1. How to have a guaranteed great weeknight - let your boyfriend and his best friend convince you that you should all make s'mores over the stove (don't twist my arm...). And then they say you should all watch a movie together. And then they pick BRIDE WARS. And then you die of happiness.

2. There is no good explanation of why I love car washes so much. But I do! 

3. I tried to convince the boyfriend to help me build an Ikea bookcase, which was not smooth sailing. I knew things were going downhill when after I dropped him off at home so he could drive his car to my house, and 20 minutes after I got home there was still no Chris. I finally got a call an hour later saying he "just wanted to watch the end of the game....", and that he was possibly going to do some homework before coming over. 

Refusing to accept defeat I took the above pictures. Thank you Ikea directions, and a quick swipe of ink.  I am convinced the only reason I managed to get him to drag himself over to help me assemble it was because of these pictures. Ha! I think I'm much funnier than he does.

4. And finally, this. Because it brightened my whole day. 
Thank you, Starbucksbaristafriends.

(most random post ever. check. can you tell I didn't have much to do this weekend?)


  1. I juuuuust might have to color code my closet now. Nothing better than a clean home!

  2. Haha! That starbucks board is my favorite! I love random crap like that!

  3. Haha me too! I laughed so 6:15 in the morning at Sbux looking like all hell in my sweats.

    Definitely not the time I needed to draw attention to myself:)

    ❤ Katherine

  4. Time really does fly. I still get nostalgic thinking about Pullman! :)

    Gotta <3 stovetop smores, car washes and clean living spaces. It really is the little things!

    turn up the rad


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