Tuesday, May 3, 2011

{Picnic Fare}

For Chris and my anniversary, I knew I wanted to make a picnic, but wasn't sure what I wanted to include. After searching around for good recipes, I decided on making italian pressed sandwiches, which were a hit!

To make the sands:

1. Find a loaf of crusty ciabatta that is nice and soft in the middle, and split it evenly in half.
2. Spread some spicy mustard over one half of the bread. 

3. Layer slices of cheese, I choose to use provolone. 

4. Layer slices of salami, and any other meat you want to include. This would also be the time to layer on some roasted red potatoes, basil, tapenade, sun dried tomatoes, etc. BUT I happen to be dating someone with child-like taste buds. So ours didn't have any of that goodness. 

5. Once you have all your ingredients on the sandwich, place the top back on and wrap up with saran wrap. Put the loaf in the fridge, and put as much pressure/weight on top of the sandwich as you can. I used a cookie sheet, and a ton of random cans, red sauce bottles on top of that. 

6. Let the sandwich sit for a few hours, or over night. When you take it out, it'll be flat!

7. Cut the sandwich into a rectangle, removing (and snacking) on the outside crust. 

8. Slice into personal size sandwiches, and wrap each with parchment paper & a ribbon to keep secure. 

9. Enjoy!


  1. Those sandwiches are adorable! I love how you wrapped and tied little bows on them! What a perfect picnic snack!
    I never liked sandwich meats growing up, but now I love them, I'm definitely going to have to try your recipe.... with tapenade or roasted peppers, or something along those lines! Your poor bf who doesn't like such yumminess, perhaps he'll grow into it... perhaps...

    <3 MrsBiscuit

  2. Thank you! I might make them again and do half and half (half plain, half delicious...haha!)

    Maybe one day, I can only hope!

    ❤ Katherine

  3. Oh my gosh! So cute! Picnics are my favorite :)

  4. Those are so frickin cute! Bravo!

  5. Thank you Bittina & Elizabeth...SO easy to do too!

    ❤ Katherine


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