Wednesday, May 11, 2011

{A book date}

Friday rolled around, and Chris & I were discussing where we wanted to go for date night. 
Our preferences? Somewhere lowish cost, easy, and of course fun.

 {loving all of the cover redesigns...well done B&N!}

Chris suggested we go to Barnes & Noble so we could pick out some entertaining reads, sit, talk and enjoy our evening. Cue me, falling over/gushing/swooning/being a girl/feeling mushy. He had no idea what a pressure point he just hit! I love books, and could not have thought of a more romantic place to spend an evening. 

He picked out a book, and so did I. Not exactly similar tastes.
Mine was entirely more entertaining. 

The evening progressed with Chris quizzing me on the deeper meaning of The Raven, while I attempted to teach him the importance of dramatic and large accents in a room. 
Maybe I'm just trying to justify the 6ft. tall painting that is in my living room. 
Ha! He learned nothing.

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  1. perfect place for a date! I have that domino book and I love it!


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