Wednesday, April 6, 2011

{Someone call HGTV}

Just in case they're looking for the next design star. 
BINGO. Here I am!

I have many skills that qualify me for next design star status. 

a. I can stare at the Ikea website for MANY hours without getting tired.

b. I can use two screws, three nails, a pencil, two screwdrivers, a chair, a barstool and a lady hammer to put up a pole to hang my curtains, WITHOUT losing a finger. 

c. I don't have a level to check but I can squint and things look straight.
d. Once I've narrowed down a purchase for 2-3 weeks, I can get to Ikea to buy it immediately and get home in less than three hours. (After carefully perusing the showrooms of course...just in case I missed something on the website.)

e. I can hang curtains! By myself! 
An absolute miracle, people.

{iPhone picture. Of course I forgot to take a finished product picture on my camera}

And then I can call it a day even though the rest of my living room needs some serious decorating love.
Meh. I'll get there eventually.

(Such drive, such passion. I'm totally who they're looking for.)

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