Thursday, April 7, 2011


At the Phoenix Public Market on Saturdays,
 you'll find booth after booth of local residents selling their best homemade goods,
like fruits & veggies straight off of their farm, fresh goat cheese, jewelry, bouquets, jams & treats.

Sampling one goody after another, my friends and I stumbled on an extremely nondescript booth, with no signs, one box of tools, what looked like a waffle iron and a man in a chef hat. He had one box of product left - cookies. 
Enter the most sinfully delicious cookie I have tasted in quite some time!

Oh boy am I glad we stopped here! 
He was closing up shop, so thankfully we managed to sneak in before he left. 
He unfortunately ran out of batter, so he wasn't able to make any more fresh cookies for the day 
(the reason behind the mystery waffle iron)
told us that we could buy a pre-packed pair of cookies, he would give them to us for half price, and would warm them up for us to enjoy. 

That was an offer we were not mentally prepared to refuse.
(Sorry healthy eating streak...couldn't help it!)

The cookie tastes & smells like the best cinnamon, vanilla, fresh-off-the-iron-from-a-state-fair waffle cone you've ever had. Better yet, they take two of these delicately thin, melty cookies and put homemade caramel in the center. 

I die.
Go order some right now. Or visit the public market when you can!
You will thank me later!


  1. YUM! I think I will be stopping by this stand this weekend! Hoping the market is open this weekend!

  2. That sounds delicious! I love how generous the vendors are at the end of farmer's market! You guys got so lucky, I'm definitely going to have to head over there to try those cookies! I want one NOW! =)


  3. Oh my, I haven't had these since I was ten or so! We also ate them salty and paper thin...

  4. They are seriously SO delicious. I was getting coffee at Royal at the Biltmore mall the other day, and they have them there too. If you're looking to pick some up during the week!



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