Wednesday, March 30, 2011

{Touring Melrose}

On 7th Avenue in Phoenix, 
there is a collection of some of the best vintage & antique stores I have ever seen. 

In just a couple of short blocks, there are stores filled to the brim with furniture, art, trinkets, kitchenware and clothing, all at reasonable prices. 

Our first stop was the boutique Sirens and Saints.
Which is attached to my own personal antique heaven, Rust & Roses.

{hello devin!}

This store was to die for. 
The amount of stuff they managed to squeeze into one store is absolutely amazing. 
There are stacks and stacks of vintage luggage, 
old and crumbling furniture, 
an entire room of shabby-chic white vintage furniture, 
chandeliers, antique velvet chairs, side tables, vases, and more!
I'm gushing. Can you tell?

Be still my beating heart. Those black chairs. So beautiful and so out of my price range.
I was devastated. Pit of my stomach lurching devastated. 
Can one find true love in furniture? 
Cause I think I did. 

On to the next one. 
Melrose Vintage is a girly girl's dream store. 
It's misleadingly huge, and filled with any and every shabby-chic style piece of vintage furniture, bedding, decorations, baby clothes and more. 
It even has an entire section dedicated to scrapbooking and crafting!

Melrose Vintage is every man's hell.
A store that makes girls want to run home and throw away everything they have ever decorated with, replacing it with light pink, white, rosebud patterns, lace, crystals, delicate florals and white washed furniture.
It's that good.

There are even more wonderful shops to explore on this street, but one item in Retro Ranch stole my heart. I would show you, but then someone would go out and buy it and I would be forced to hurt you.


  1. i love these stores! I need to visit again sometime! my husband hates when I drag him along and we have to stop at every store on the block :)

  2. I would love to hunt for treasures in these stores.

  3. Melrose is such a fun neighborhood! Did you check out the street fair last month? It was pretty fun.

    turn up the rad


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