Thursday, March 31, 2011


I'm not very good at wearing color. Which sounds odd. How can you be bad at wearing color? Think of it more as an aversion to brightness, and a love of black. Black sweaters, black skinnies, black tanks and shirts, black skirts, black button-ups, and black dresses pour out of every side of my closet.
It's very hard to find anything in there. 

Maybe it's the inner Seattle-girl in me,
who loves cloudy days, low-light coffee houses, 
rain & gloom in the early morning,
and the chunkiest of sweaters found in dark navy blues and black.

Que move to Arizona,
hot as hell everyday. No such thing as winter, rain, clouds or morning fog.
My fashion is starting to shift, including this...bright dress + black sweater. 
I'm assimilating. Slowly but surely. 

Spring has sprung in Phoenix! Can you tell?
Florals are dug out of the back of closets, 
the grass is green & the sun is shining.


Sarah & Dani, fashion bloggers extraordinaire and the friends who came with me to the AZ blogger meet up! 
Lookin great ladies!


  1. I love all of your outfits! Your blue dress is awesome and I love your friends romper!
    How was the blogger event? How big was it and what went on there?!


  2. Thank you! I'll pass that along to her.

    The blogger event was great! There were between 40-50 of us there at any given time and we toured around downtown Phoenix & had dinner in Tempe. Super fun.

    ❤ Katherine

  3. Hey! My fellow photo op friends :) Your pics came out great!!

  4. I disagree, you wear color well!

  5. Love the pattern on the blue dress. It looks like miniature bits of tie-dye.

  6. Beautiful ladies! It was nice to say hi!


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