Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{On vacation we... cheered on the Mariners!}

Spring training in Arizona has moved up as one of my top favorite things to do in the Valley. 
Tickets are cheap, beer is cheap, the weather is beautiful, and the men are in tight pants. 
No complaints here!

Growing up, baseball played a very important part in my life. Devin, her sister Mackenzie and I used to go to Mariners games ALL the time, eat hot dogs, visit with the Mariner Moose, dress up in our bright teal and navy, and have the best time. 

{photo cred: Devin's picture!}

I can't say that I knew exactly what was going on at those games, but when Griffey or Bad-to-the-Bone Jay Buhner would come up to bat, I would cheer my heart out. 

From 4 & 5-years-old, fast forward to 22 and 23,
not a whole lot has changed.
We don't recognize names of players,
we don't know what certain calls are,
but points are points & a win is a win!

The sweltering heat was a bit hard to handle, but thankfully our seats slowly made it into the shade half way through the game. 
It was only about 80 degrees.
I am so afraid for summer. 

{photo cred: Devin's picture!}

I've heard the new Diamondback Spring Training Stadium is absolutely beautiful.
It is next up on my bucket list! 

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