Friday, January 14, 2011

{Through concentration, I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will}

In my somewhat organized, rarely followed, calendar of blog posts, today was reserved for the final unveiling of my apartment. In my mind, the post would travel seamlessly from one room, highlighting my newest furniture purchases, craigslist finds, a well-organized closet and the knick knacks I have picked up to highlight my (somewhat) developing personal style.

The pictures for this scheduled posts would have had to be taken Thursday evening. Which would have involved several dishwasher runs, laundry, picking up and organizing my closet and clearing off the ever growing pile of strange mail, bills and coupons that have found a home on my barstools & kitchen island.

That didn't happen. 
Instead, we...

 Sampled cupcakes from Sprinkles! Ashlyn brought me the box of these lovelies for going with her to her wedding dress alteration appointment (as if I needed a bribe? Wedding things are my favorite!). 
So healthy.

My favorite by a long shot was the red velvet cupcake. Mmmmm. Seriously considering sneaking to the shop this weekend to buy another. But attempting to resist based on the self-judgment that would bring on. 

After the cupcake sampling, I popped in a batch of homemade granola and Chris & I had our final Mario Party showdown. 
Yes, I just said Mario Party showdown. 

Allow me to explain. My apartment has the tendency to bring out the darkest places of utter boredom in people. I don't have internet OR cable (hello student loans, car & cellphone payment), my DVD collection is very small and Netflix movies can only come so fast. But I have a Game Cube. Chris & I must have been in that dark place for a week straight, because we have been playing game after game every night after I get off work. 

Naturally, as the queen of Mario Party, I have won EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. Mini game after mini game I would win, battle games were a snore and it was as if the stars wanted to be mine. And I certainly didn't let him forget it. Deciding he had seen enough, I was challenged to the game of all games, the showdown. Loser has to make the other person the dinner of their choice.

{finished granola}

The game started out rough, and only went down from there. 
I am sad to say that I LOST. 
I'm still mad about it.

So what to do when you are too stubborn to admit defeat?

And play with your new Christmas present.

{My mini powdered sugar scooper & shaker}

{The closest I will get to snow in Phoenix!}

Now off to plan the menu of my bitter victory dinner for Chris.
And perhaps lay off the treats unless I want my cholesterol to be through the roof one day!
Too bad we can't all be Dwight Schrute.

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