Saturday, November 20, 2010

{Man vs. Food tour, The Olde San Francisco Creamery Co.}

When we arrived in San Fran,
we made our Man vs. Food pit stop to meet a friend 
before we drove to meet Chris' other friend
 who so nicely let us sleep on an air mattress in his studio apartment.

Ice cream before bed is ALWAYS a win.
So minty & creamy, this was way too much for me to finish on my own.
Note to self when I come back, bring a partner.

If only I had the cajones to get the kitchen sink, seen on MVF.
If my daunting mini-scoop is any indication, I don't have any.

Side note,
thank you to my new friends, who let my creepy (and awesome) boyfriend
take a picture of their kitchen sink when clearly they were all in a big hurry to get started.

Thank you to Chris who captured this.

And thank you to Tony, who didn't even mind when Chris forced him to take off his shirt in the road to show me his badass tattoo. You are welcome on the blog any time.

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