Saturday, November 20, 2010

{california girls, we're undeniable!}

I was born in California, and lived there for three entire years of my life until kindergarden was calling my name and it was off to Washington we went. 
I, therefore, can claim to be the subject of this song. 
Plus, I'm totally fine, fresh & fierce.

You must be wondering what this post is about.
I promise, there is a point.
We are continuing on the journey of getting my and all my stuff to Arizona, along with the very exciting Man vs. Food tour. 

After we left Portland, the drive started out very gray, rainy and dismal. Full from breakfast and tired, keeping my eyes open was a struggle.

As we crossed into California, the weather started to improve as they day slowly rolled by. 

 No complaints here though, the pacific northwest and all of the beautiful 
dark scenery has always felt like home to me. 
The cold is just another excuse to pour a new hot cup of coffee.

Finally, clear blue skies!

The drive through California was beautiful.
Lakes, green trees and piercing sunlight.
We took turns driving. My schedule consisted of 1 hour on,
6 hours off...

After what seemed like forever,
we reached our final destination...
San Francisco!

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