Sunday, June 13, 2010

{well hello}

I'm baaaaack!

Back to Seattle. Back to blogging. Back to friends. Back to the parents. Back to stormy and rainy Seattle weather. Back to my summer job. Back to my cluttered room that could have used a spring clean about 5 years ago. But mostly, back to normal & familiar.

I have certainly been on quite an adventure from my last post until now, and I am sure that every inch of this adventure will be posted on this blog in the coming future. Only the most exciting stuff of course, but I cannot promise a sane minimal amount of Europe gushing. It will be plentiful. But to recap my life since April 19th...

My best friend Lauren celebrated her 22nd birthday, which was filled with coconut cupcakes, parties, dinners, and a very special mug which so wisely states 'sleep is for the weak'. Picked out by yours truly.

My life was suddenly filled with an over abundance of lady bugs. In my apartment, landing on my sunglasses, on my doorstep, my shoulder in class, at the office, etc. It was random and I loved it.

{Spotted: hiding on the screen}

I struggled through a hard couple of weeks at the end of the semester, an even harder finals week and then suddenly it was over! We celebrated. Hence the celebratory mustaches.

We did it! The celebrations continued. A couple of weepy nights, a lot of laughs, reminiscing about the best memories, shaking our heads at the worst, reading our freshmen year letters to our future selves, hugs, with not a single regret we said our goodbyes...


So I packed up my things, said goodbye to our apartment, and left early in the morning. Well, attempted to leave early in the morning. We ran into one small hitch when my Ikea bed did not end up being as compact as we had measured. So at 6AM the morning after graduation, you could find me and my dad standing over an Ikea frame, in a parking lot, outside of our U-haul looking so very puzzled. Clearly my education paid off.

Once disassembled, (yay dad!) we hit the road. Two days in Seattle, unpacking and repacking, and I was off to Arizona to see the boyfriend graduate, mini side trip to Vegas, BBQing, and hanging out with his family. And then...

16 days.
9 plane rides.
3 countries.
5 cities.
more croissants than I will ever admit
the best trip I've ever been on.

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