Tuesday, June 15, 2010

{an ode to my favorite thing..}

delicious coffee.
every morning you wake me,
and keep me happy.

(oh and my boyfriend really appreciates when I drink you, so I'm less of a raging snag and can communicate properly)

Coffee in Europe is better then good, it's great. I had been looking forward to getting back to my daily cappuccinos since I had left Italy last March. And they hadn't changed a bit! They had to be documented.

A cappuccino in the rain on a stormy afternoon in Rome. People watching, laughing at our luck, pushy servers and a beautiful first day in Italy.

A cappuccino at the Vatican Museum. Early enough to beat the crowds, too much bug-drawing hairspray (don't ask), and Rick (Steves) close at hand. Kittens in the courtyard, wrong directions, arguments, and a search for nuns with ice cream cones. 

A cappuccino in Barcelona. Our first day in Europe, confused & lost, wandering in any direction. Churros con chocolate, jourmaling, people watching, and practicing rusty spanish.
A cappuccino in...well a skinny vanilla iced latte actually. CAUGHT. So guilty I can't even deny it. It was hot in Barcelona. I was tired, sweaty, and feeling the pull of familiarity.
A cappuccino in Rome on an early morning before sightseeing. Our last day, new bakery friends, hot weather, and allergies. The excitement of Paris, 70's placemats and english mugs.

A cappuccino in a big glass. New discoveries, red colored orange juice, & the smallest pasteries ever found. Feeling swindled, hotel relaxation, decision making confusion and lattice topped berry goodness.
A mini sized cappuccino in Paris. PURE TORTURE. Bitterness, burnt flavor, and over priced. But the happiness of Roland Garros, French Open 2010, and soon to be tennis stars. The Williams sisters, cold toes, alicia keys anticipation and constantly praying for clear skies.

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