Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Things that make my life so worth living:

-2 days until my oldest friend Devin arrives (we met the day I moved to Washington, 4 years old and sassy as can be)

Here we are on her last trip up to WA.

-9 days until the boy gets here. ♥

-17 days until I get to return to beautiful Seattle to celebrate spring break (half spent playing, half spent working at the Mariners)

-21 days until my half birthday, which will be celebrated with about as much excitement as my real birthday. 21 1/2 woohoo!

-45 days until Mom's Weekend. Party on.

-74 days until Graduation, and I part with my lovely deck view.

-75 days until I move back in with my mother, and I take my last drive home.

-77 days until my mother demands I move out:)

...and 81 days until the boyfriend and I leave on our European Excursion! Plans currently in the making...more details later!

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