Monday, February 25, 2013

Farmers Market Breakfast Burritos

Truly the main reason to get out of bed far too early on a Saturday morning, is the anticipation of a hot coffee & breakfast burrito from the farmer's market.

Now that I've visited both the Phoenix & Scottsdale farmer's markets on multiple occasions, it's safe to say I like both immensely. But for different reasons.

Both markets offer beautiful, fresh produce, bleary eyed crowds, cool morning weather and test bites to fill your entire stomach. Scottsdale's market is filled with stands of big name, local restaurants like Tammie Coe & BrauthaĆ¼s, while Phoenix's market is made up of rows upon rows of local artisans, jewelers and knick knack crafters.

The two locations are both brimming with fresh pastries, warm muffins and quiche to walk and nibble as you stock your fresh vegetable drawers for the week. They both have chocolate stands and coffee carts, honey bee keepers and gluten free pasta sellers. Between them, finding a breakfast burrito is not difficult.

But the Mi Salsa stand at the downtown Phoenix market wins, hands down, every time. Chorizo & egg with a little fire roasted salsa on top? The best way to start a weekend.

Of course, don't forget to sample a few stinky cheeses on your way out. 


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