Monday, January 21, 2013

Goodbye Winter?

Well it appears winter in Arizona has come to an end. After a week of bitter cold lows of 30 degrees and highs of 50 (where I was convinced I was going to die - I've become quite fragile after living in this state for the past few years!), the clouds parted, the angels sang, and sunbeams shined down to warm us up to a whopping 75 on Friday. Technically speaking we rarely have clouds here...but you get the idea.

This weekend I made good on my promise to recreate my mom's fabulous butternut squash risotto (three cheers!), which I paired with panko crusted chicken and garlic lemon roasted zucchini. Deeelicious! Remond me why I don't cook like this every night?

Saturday morning I was up early to visit the Scottsdale Farmers Market for the first time. Coffee in hand, I managed to resist the face sized cinnamon rolls from the French Bakery stand, the pretzel sticks and apple oatmeal crumb cookies from Tammie Coe, and even a prize winning cheesy sausage potato breakfast burrito (Health kick 2013 is painful). But then we rounded the corner and a warm slice of gruyere spinach quiche started singing my name...there was no fighting it. I can NEVER say no to a quiche.

Retail happened. It was glorious. I'm sorry Paris savings account!

Rounding out the wonderful weekend was a trip to Cartel for an espresso and an hour of killing time before work. Tommy Lee was there, catching up with friends. Seeing a semi celebrity in my personal neighborhood bubble is officially the oddest feeling. I mean I guess magazines have been explaining that Celebs! They're just like us! for years...but I'm just now a believer.

How was your weekend?



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