Friday, June 8, 2012

{Powder Room Fashionista - Week 6}

Taking a break from New Orleans recapping to share this week's Powder Room Fashionista photos! This was a wonderful week full of catching up with friends, life prioritizing, and trying to get a better handle of where I want my next steps in life to take me. No real decisions made, but at least I'm thinking about it.

This Sunday I'm so excited to be joining my friend & super talented photographer, Sarah, of Arrow & Apple, at the Phoenix Bridal Expo! If you haven't seen the photos from this incredible wedding, you've been living under a rock and may as well stop looking at blogs all together. Only joking. (not really.) We'll be at the Arrow & Apple booth, and I'll be acting as part assistant, part body guard trying to keep the brides from totally attacking Sarah. She's that good! Tweet us at @kthornhill or @arrowandapple if you're coming to the show, and come say hi!

1 - top: old navy // scarf: can't remember! // jeans: citizen of humanity
2 - top: banana republic // black skinnies: levi's
3 - top: ann taylor LOFT // belt: banana republic // scarf: ann taylor // black skinnies: levi's
4 - dress: forever 21 // sweater: nordstrom // belt: forever 21
5 - dress: forever 21 // belt: forever 21 // necklace: c/o Le Mode Accessories

Outfits four & five was a work to happy hour remix.

Hope you all have lovely weekends! 



  1. I like the new font! And you are beautiful with straight hair, curly hair or sock bun! -Mom


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